museums, organizations, and associations

Spacetaker: Online art community for Houston
Winter Street Studios: Artists’ studio spaces
ArtCrawl: Annual Houston art event
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston: Art Museum
Opera in the Heights: Houston opera
Contemporary Arts Museum: Art Museum
Museum of Printing History: Printing Museum
Houston Center for Contemporary Craft: Craft Museum
Houston Center for Photography: Photographic Museum
FotoFest: Biennial city wide Photography Show
Guggenheim Museum: International Museum
Brooklyn Museum of art: NY Museum
Texas Accountants and Lawyers for the Arts: Pro bono legal and accounting services
Texas Commission on the Arts: TCA funds a wide variety of arts and cultural activities across the state
Looking at Art: Looking At Art is an educational group that visits artist’s and art related spaces.
Harley Hahn Art Center  Understanding Abstract Art


gallery 3: Houston Gallery, very good, diverse collection
Thornwood Gallery: Houston Gallery, very good, diverse collection
Blaffer Gallery: University Gallery (UH)
Rice University Art Gallery: University Gallery
Art Without The Artist: Inexpensive anonymous art
A Gallery in the Woods: Gallery in The Woodlands
DiverseWorks: Houston non-profit art space


Rhode Island School of Design: Art, architecture, and design school.
North Carolina State University: Art, architecture, and design school.
Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture: University of Houston Architecture School.

artists, craftspeople, and designers

Robert Derr: houston artist, sculptor and furniture maker
Sharon Worley: painter
Houston Studio Glass: Glass artist in houston
Ellen Hart: painter
Iwona Jankowski: painter
Ellis Verner: Houston Photographer
James Fryer: painter, sculptor, furniture maker, and designer
Richard Jones: furniture maker
Della Mobilia: California furniture maker
bowieart: David Bowie’s Site
Gerhard Richter: Gerhard Richter’s Art
Hans Hofmann: Paintings, Biography, and Info | Abstract Expressionism
Thierry Le Baill : artiste peintre abstrait contemporain
Joe DiGiulio : Works on Canvas

online art resources

Spacetaker: Online art community for Houston
TCAnet: web site for the Texas arts and cultural industry
Traditional Portrait Painters: List of painters Online Museum
Artomat: Inexpensive, bite-sized artwork
Eyestorm: Limited-edition contemporary artists and photographers