About The Artist

I create from everyday life. I’m in constant vibration in the world around me, whether it be nature or everyday happenings around the world. Making art is like prayer, meditative connection with my soul and a sense of peacefulness.

After been diagnosed with life threatening illness and ongoing depression. A friend suggested I take a healing art class. I had always appreciated art but never thought of painting. I had been an Accountant for over twenty years so this was something totally new for me. From the first day I took that class I knew that was my calling. Without any formal education in Art, I read about other abstract expressionists I had always admired. I consider myself as a self-taught artist. I have no rules. Rarely do I ever know how a painting is going to turnout. I just stay within the vibration in myself. I call that my connection with God.

The face series gets me into my life’s stages, pain and victories. Although none of the faces are a specific person I see a little bit of myself in all of them. Looking into the eyes is like looking in the windows of the soul.

I like to use many colors. The colors form harmonies and melodies that resonate off the canvas and reverberate in the mind and heart of the viewer. It’s like visual music. I just want a person to be emotionally connected in his or her own way.

-Ronnie Queenan